Trust me, nothing else matters as much! Off course, people do. It is these people who make you live, love and laugh. So, don’t lose people. Especially those people who make you live your life to the fullest, who make you laugh! With the small understanding of life that I have attained, I can say it’s the best thing in life. 

One of my manager once told me long after he hired me, that he was confused with my personality while interviewing me. He said “you giggled so much, I didn’t understand if it’s good or bad for the job” 

I felt happy; truly happy when I heard him say that. 

Love is magic. Really, it is. Actually, love is like gravity. It keeps you in place and doesn’t let you get lost. It makes you feel you have a base and you feel secured. So, your mind doesn’t run around in weird ways and you can sleep well. Like long dreamy nights. 

I am in love.. with myself, with my family, with this blog I am doing, with the humming bird I spotted yesterday, with my swim in the lake, with the new song I just downloaded for free…also with my grandmother who is no more with me. 

But, I am so much in love with so many things.. And, I fall in love very often. I mean, I don’t really limit myself.  It’s great to just feel that romance. Try out, if  you haven’t done that yet! If you find yourself dancing while one of those lone work from home days, bingo! you are just there..

Lastly, what should I say about live! It’s my favorite guy.. I think every day that you don’t just pass, you life. And, have the courage to define your own ways of living life. FOMO is just a fad! Overstated. There is no fixed template of so called “cool things” that make you happy. 

And, then meet me.. We shall sing a song, or dance crazy or walk up the tree house or may be just talk out our past love stories over some good coffee.. and then when we are talking loads, I may even confess to you that.. once upon a time, I wrote a book and it was called 

a handful of seventeenth hill”