“Dreams take birth in your mind..

 Create an impulse as feelings in your heart..

 Rise as butterflies in your stomach when near..

  And end up as sparkles in your eyes..!!!! “

 “Life is beautiful as long as we find reasons to be happy.

 Each day do one thing that you haven’t done till date.”



The session was really inspiring. She gave us examples and taught us how to live life, not to lose hope at any point but always to be optimistic. She shared her experiences of her valuable life which will help us in our career in the future years. She gave us a new vision. We find ourselves more optimistic and confident.                                                                                     –  St Anthony’s School
 We The session was indeed very enriching . We have received spontaneous feedback from the participating students that learning was delivered in a very impressive and interactive manner and would be of great help to them going forward

                                                                                       – BIT Mesra

We are fortunate that we had the author that is you to review your book “I flaunt My Diamond”. The Session was extremely well received by our employees which was amply evident by the interaction during the session

                                                                                     – HitachiConsulting,Hyderabad

We thank you for taking your valuable time and efforts for conducting this“Stress Relief Session”in our Hyderabad Office .We have got very positive response for this session from all the employees and many approached us through e-mails and thanked us conducting such wonderful session.

                                                                                      –Thomson Reuters, Hyderabad

 Astha’s session at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre was enriching for the staff members. It really motivated them to do “One new thing each day that you haven’t done before”. There were many take-aways in Astha’s session like this and all the employees appreciated her for the way she motivated them. We wish her all the very best for her future endeavours.
  -Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre and Hyderabad International Convention Centre.
One of the most thought-provoking and entertaining workshops we have ever organized. The energy displayed by Astha throughout the session was absolutely amazing!!
– ISB Hyderabad Toastmasters

About the author

Astha is a motivational speaker and author. She visits various organizations and conducts sessions on stress relief and various other aspects of work life balance.Astha Suneja  (6th August 1987) was born in Ranchi. She is an engineer from BIT, Mesra. She is presently working for TCS as a Marketing Executive. She is a regular blogger and a content developer. She has written verses and messages for the greeting cards as well. She is a fashion designer and the products designed by her can be seen online (Fashion Quotient – Facebook).  She has taken up many initiatives and given them practical shape with her abilities and strong determination.

Few words by the author

Besides time and space there are other dimensions in life. They are stronger than the rest two but more often overlooked.  These are the thoughts. Whatever I am, its for my thoughts. Whatever I will be tomorrow, it will be for my thoughts.

There was a time few years back when I was just a name in the attendance sheet of my college. Then my name moved into the corporate profile list. Yet it was just a name. Then I realised that there is a lot to be associated to it.

All I need to do, is to explore…before that …to redefine my mind..To think that lets do things rather than thinking about the possibilities…And the rest happened…

There is a lot to learn in life..We are at the smallest stage of it. Until we fail…We win..We lose..We accept.. We fall..We rise..We see..We Feel..Its not at all possible to explore life..So give it a chance ….!!!

Thanks a lot for taking interest in my words…