There were several moments when life seemed to get complicated. This was because there were several questions hitting

my head. What is that which makes life better? Is it only the hefty pockets or it is the experiences? When its becomes

inevitable to decide one amongst the two, things get clearer. A life full of luxuries, but with no zeal to explore the new

feelings would not be very exciting !

 We often crib that life is just not going on well! We cannot find reasons to be happy. The only cause behind this being, we

allow events to decide on our happiness. As rightly said, happiness is just a state of mind. Every morning, if I decide that

I want to be happy for the whole day, small worries will not trouble me. Much of happiness comes with feelings. This

novel conveys the same message with a wonderful tale – a tale of love. Life is all about earning feelings..Feelings arise

only when we live every moment differently.

It was one of those evening when this thought haunted me – Is it really important to take all troubles? Why can’t I take

the easiest way to all the situations in my life? Later, I realized that when all the things get easy I explore very little of

myself and of my life. With every new situation and new experience that I come across, I explored a new feeling in me. It

made me feel that this is how I give meaning to life. Then a thought came up – why not put it in words? The intent was to

create a picture which has no prior perceptions about the human world..In a that looks at the human world as a

completely new form..What else could take my attention then, if not a pen! Autobiography of a pen..A pen would narrate

the two ways of life that it experienced with humans.

Yes..I flaunt my diamond ! Yet she shines brighter…When you enlighten your life with feelings, it glitters enough to

outshine the power of several diamonds..

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