Get your copy!

Imagine a day waiting at the airport lounge or a day when you would you flying across in a 20 hour flight, and neither your flight attendant nor the passenger next to you could have impressed you.. now, let’s make it worse for you 😉 Imagine, you have exhausted the list of all available movies in there.

Don’t panic.. you are still better than me in your shoes!


That is when.. yes, that is when you could just pick up or phone or your Kindle reader and start reading my book.

So, make yourself ready for the worse, download the copy on your phone and keep it handy.

Enough kidding.. and sorry if it was too much of an imagination! If you are still on this and have not given up on me, then you can even buy a copy of the book or download the free copy using Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!



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