Very nice book. i found motivation, romance, ambition, dreams, destiny, thoughts, friendship, affection and almost each and every aspect of life and the plot in engineering college is the heart of the book………one of the best books i came across…… Many congratulations astha… wish you all the best for your future books 🙂

– Milan

wow!!!!!!…this is the most amazing book. i just love it. it reminds me of my college days. wen life was simple n everything was just meant to be maximum fun.A simple girl can easily relate to each of the feelings within this book. lovely writing by aastha suneja!!!!

– Neha Tulsyan

After a long time comes a book which has the potential and by all means will certainly pass the test of time. A book which you can read at any stage and any number of times.Although categorized fiction, has the elements of pyschology and metaphysical stuffs which makes it even more interesting. A must read for all those who appreciate words.

– Manas Verma

Have read it…..the book is amazing…..anybody can easily relate to it as I was able to…..contains characters like everyone can find in their lives…..The book made me think as to whom I can OWE MY FATE to…….A must must read……. Don’t miss it…

– Neha Kakkar

very very nice.. i can’t wait to read the book… congratulations astha..

– Rhea

Great Book.. Good mix of Emotions and Fun..Well written and drafted.. Coincidence is stranger than fiction..

– Amit Chaudhary

Its a pleasure to see a book from BITian……will sure read it soon

– Sarsij

really pleased n filled with utmost desire to read urs novel…n u being one of our seniors further adds d flavour……. thnx n hearty congratulations……hope to b ur follower thru urs words..

– Saif Ali

just ordered for the book .. didn’t know that after karan bajaj .. we have more writers from BIT !! 🙂 !! Best wishes for the book !! Cheers 🙂

– Mrityunjay Sinha

Proud of our alumini for achieving so much at such a young age.

– Trimbak Murthy 1963 Batch

People are sometimes afraid to express their feelings through words but we are happy that you have broken the shell. This book would be another step to make BITians feel proud. Congratulations astha on joining league of Karan Bajaj, Amit Harlalka

– Pawan Gupta

As said,the book is more about one’s feelings rather than a manipulated story based novel. The whole book affected me in many ways..For example, the way the writer sees the world is just amazing.Some of the ideas weaved in the book has left me wondering about a whole new way of perceiving things. The idea which relates Love with Miracles is one of my favourites. The pauses in italics in the course of the story have always an underlying meaning which makes us ponder about the simplest things in life; some of which we often take for granted .And the best part is to see that the story of the protagonist is no different from us. Still wondering how a person can see and bring out so much from the tiniest things in this world..Thanks..

– Geet

Grt to see someone following the path that they have dreamed of…Hats off…ordered the book just today..looking forward to read it soon!

– Kushal Vidyarthi

Yeh… This is called perfection. A very very nice novel. Here u’ll find all about destiny, innovative cum motivational thoughts with the help of a Romantic Story of a innocent girl came from small town to technical college to professional life in a metro city. u cannot stop urself once u start reading book coz it will continueously remind you the moments of ur life.. As said in the novel I’ll not wish good luck to aastha bcoz after going thru the book it is definite that her talent is enough to get nething in life… Thanx..

– Rammani Prasad

Feels great to be knowing the author. Congratulations for bringing out the book immediately after the college. I wish it came a bit earlier so as to have it autographed by the writer herself. Best wishes 🙂

– Amit Sharan Singh

Hi Astha
I read your book. Very very nice story. I couldn’t keep the book down as I kept wanting to know what happens next. And i think that is what makes a good book. We are really proud of you.

– Varun Kumar

A beautiful girl with a beautiful mind…what else would the world want! keep up the good work…looking forward to read your book 🙂

– Aparna

Great to see someone among us are doing something like this…. Waiting to read the book.. Reviews and Excerpts speaks volume about the book and the author..Great going…All the Best for all your future upcoming hits… and Keep posting the awards and rewards of this book

– Susmith Karan

Full of life, inspiring words and tenacious/creative approach towards situations of life…. 🙂

– Raghav

Nice.. Really likd the way u talkd abt Destiny. Evn I beleive in Destiny.. – Sonal Jain

Hi Astha,Congratulations on the success of “Owe You My Fate” . As a Ranchiite , I feel really proud of you not only because you’ve achieved this amazing feat , but also because you’ve given me a reason not to be identified from MSD’s city :P, as I can now say with a patronizing arrogance that I belong from the City which Owes its lovely Fate in some way to the Lovely works of Astha Suneja 🙂 . – Micky Midha


5 comments on “Fans

  1. Simply marvellous Astha!
    Wish u d best for all ur endeavors…

  2. Hey astha, you write fantastic, I really enjoyed reading your novels, looking forward to have some more good work
    of yours added to my collection… God Bless…

  3. mam,i am 2014 batch bitian and i must say that ..pata nahi kya but u are a great artist i must suggest my friend to read that

  4. Hi Astha your thoughts and words will inspire younger generations a lot. Keep up your good work.

  5. read ur article in t2 (a supplement along wid The Telegraph). .
    n jst ordered ur books. .
    lookng 4wad 2 read those asap. .

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