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In an exclusive interview with Stack your Rack, Astha Suneja talks about her not just being an author but also an avid blogger and a dress designer. She also talks about her inspiration, her passions and her best seller book – Owe You My Fate.

How did writing happen? What was in your mind when the thought struck to write a novel?

Writing is not intentional. A person writes when he feels a lot and wants to give a flow to those feelings. For me, first

time that I wrote was an article on Rains, which you can find in my blog. During one of the college days when it got dark

suddenly and rained heavily, some sudden flow of energy ran within me giving place to several feelings and observations.

The best way was to pen it down.

             Owe You My Fate is written not because it had to be a novel; rather it’s a novel because it’s written. I never

started with a feeling of writing a novel. One fine evening I saw an empty paper and my mind was occupied with thoughts.

They took the shape of words and finally became a novel.

A brief on what your debut book is all about…Is your book autobiographical in nature?

Book is a very simple writing. It’s not literature, it’s a story teller. Several instances of college life, friendship and

fun are reflected in it. It conveys the message that everything that we do or achieve is for our thoughts and

determination. It shows how one can go against the conventional ways of career. Success matters but at the end of the

day what matters more is self satisfaction with what we do.

It has a beautiful love story. The entire book is not dedicated to the love story. It has covered several shades of

feelings and learning. It’s about living life where feelings make their presence to create wonders in life. It’s a love story

without dates, meetings, valentine gifts and long drives. It’s a journey of realization. Realization of how love happens and

how life changes. Miracles created by the universe make your dreams come true. This book gives a true glimpse of the

same. There is flow throughout the book and the story moves on.

Well it’s not an autobiography. I think I haven’t lived so much as to make a novel out of the story of my life.  But, if

one writes it’s out of the experiences or observations! So a lot of stories have been inspired by reality while several of

them are pure imagination.

How has been the response and does it fulfil your expectations as a writer?

I am a regular blogger. Several friends and others have read my articles and they give regular motivation. It feels

good to see that people get the real feel of the book. When the readers come up with few concepts used in the book as their

liking, it is truly amazing. Yet, there is much more for me to learn and come up with better books.

What are your passions besides writing? Your other interests and something more about you as a person?

I have several likings. At times I feel like life is too short since there are so many things. I am a passionate dress

designer and I love doing it. I like marketing communications as my work. I love to travel. Several dreams still  are unlived and I want to fulfil them all. At times I feel like clicking some of the rare moments into picture.

I love to write poetry as well. Each day I feel like doing something new. Most of all see new places, witness cultures

and wish to stay happy.

What was the inspiration while writing a book?

My feelings were my inspiration. Beauty of the rains and purity of friendship that I have had with my friends, have

all been my motivation. Freedom of thoughts, the credit of which goes to my parents has been my inspiration.

If you could choose one genre to write on what would it be?

I do not think I would choose a genre and then write. I would write what comes to my mind. I don’t think I can ever

decide and then write.

Have you started thought processing on your next work?

Yes. My next book is on its way and let’s hope people like it just as they liked the previous one. It’s an offbeat book

with a beautiful concept. An autobiography of a pen – Human life described from the perspective of a pen!! Diversity in

the lifestyle of human beings is well described in the next book. It has lots of poetries incorporated within the script. It

will be a good read for all fiction as well as nonfiction readers.

A book you could read many times and be as fascinated as a first time reader?

Opal Mehta

Any special message for your fans and readers of Indian literature in general?

It’s great when a person can read the creation of others with interest. Lots of people appreciate. However, giving

your interest and time to a piece of article is remarkable. I owe my thanks to each and every one who gave this to my

work. A writer can write only when someone is there to read. The reviews that I got have given me the merits and

demerits of my style of writing. It has been a beautiful experience to write. I shall definitely come up with more beautiful

write ups. So, nothing can be more important than that.

Over the years Indian literature is changing. People have shifted their interests towards Indian writers who write

light stories. That’s because they can relate themselves more to the script. All that is written can be associated to their

own lives at some point or the other.

We at Stack your Rack are promoting your book. What are your thoughts on this?

I convey my vote of thanks to you and your team. In times like this, when living your passion is not just a

cakewalk; your efforts count loads! The way you promote the Indian writers give them a chance to share their feelings.

English may not be our language. However, feelings are always ours. It does not matter much that in what form you

convey them. We shall expect to see a lot of more new works from people if you continue this support!


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