Excerpts from the Book

The One where Vedansh talks about Destiny to Janvi……...

“Destiny, you know, is the mother of all creations. If you do not know the power of destiny yet, you will realize it soon. The first time I saw you, was destined. The second time, I am seeing you is destined. Destiny decides where you go. It decides which bus you miss just for the delay of two minutes. It decides when you slip off a banana leaf while running on the streets. Destiny decides if you leave the resume in the taxi. Destiny decides if you land up sitting in a tea stall, where you suddenly meet an old colleague of yours who wants your contributions in his present working domain. Destiny decides whether you get the designation of a manager there. Destiny governs if you take  new car. Destiny decides if the car follows some girl, because the girl had created some magical aura which cannot be keptaway from oneself. So,you know its destiny that brought you here and also pushed me here at the same time”

The One where Vedansh talks about Miracles………

“Do you believe in miracles? Miracle, you see, is the very meaning of life. Do you wonder where from this budding flowers get fragrance? Can you tell me where from does the Butterfly gather its color? Where does the peacock get its  inspiration to attract the most positive vibes to express its happiness? How does the universe manage to drop pearls that fall down in their form and that is what you call rains? That is what is called a miracle.One such miracle is love. When you have the last drop of water and still you have the urge to water the budding rose rather than to quench your own thirst so that the rose can bring a smile on her face, its love. The miracle is her smile that gives you happiness to enjoy the loneliness and the isolation. Some people think beyond what lays down a limit to possibilities,while some people start feeling beyond that. Life is all about what you feel.Your feelings become reality and that’s the biggest miracle on earth.”

The One where Vedansh talks about Love………

 “I am a believer of truth and the truth is that when it comes to love, you don’t stand anywhere, it’s the destiny which rules. And do you know what your role to play is? Just wish. Wish and then command. Command for the fulfillment of the desire and then start expecting the result. Prepare yourself for the consequences. Live as if you would live when the wish gets fulfilled. Your destiny is nothing more than your own wish. The wish that one has with pure heart and unbeatable faith. Just feel the power within. Just feel the power with which the creator created the universe. He can manipulate it in whatever way he likes laying down the bricks of fortune is what he does. Just radiate enough positive vibes so that he gets attached to you for he is too busy with the growing population you know”

The One where Janvi finally expresses her feelings to Vedansh…..

“By the power of your thoughts, you are what you are today. By the power of your thoughts, I am what I am today. And by the power of your thoughts, I am yours today”


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  1. I believe in destiny.Above words are something what i always think and I’m happy to read this.

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