Behind The Scenes

Honestly, there’s nothing behind the scenes other than travel. Lots and lots of travel.

I think someone has very wisely said – “I read. I travel. I become”.  The more you see the world,  the more you are able to amplify your tiny happy moments and the more you are able to limit the impact of miseries. In simple words, you crib less, relish more. It means you are less complicated now!


It’s true you start seeing world in different and newer ways. Your big ego, your false conceptions, your anger and possessiveness, actually fall behind. I mean, you understand how “not so important” you are and how you have been living in the “i am important” myths of life.

Anyway, coming back to where we started, my story of the seventeenth hill was also inspired by one of these trips I made to the hills of Ooty, India. And, as I continue to move around tasting waters, I hear the trees whispering tales, people unfolding new chapters and the best chefs of the world sprinkling some finest food for thoughts.

IMG_4202Many a times, people have this common question. It goes like, “how can you think and create stories?”

I don’t know. I am afraid, I still don’t know.  Recently, I was watching a documentary on Netflix and it said that if you are creative, you will always want to have some thing new in life. Your life cannot be static because, your mind is constantly picking up raw material for it to process and build the new. I guess that justifies my hunger for newness of places, culture, food and experiences.

IMG_4330Since we are talking of books and of writing, I also want to share with you what I have strongly felt over last few years. Reading and writing stories is like meditation. It cleans up your mind from emotional filth. It removes many unwanted stuff which otherwise make us feel so heavy in head.

Let’s be honest. OK. I will be honest – there are times when I realized my insecurities, my act of anger and hatred for people around me. I also understand my greed and jealousy for someone who is better than me or who has achieved more than me. Many a times, I even realize the pressure of acceptance of building my best sales pitch for a perfect life that I have. But, come one! That’s not it. You got to speak it out to someone. Here’s what I tried. Didn’t much work out though!


I mean we know that’s trash and needs to be cleaned ASAP. So, how do you do it. We all have our ways. Mine is by writing and reading. It did work out for me and works out at several occasions.

That’s also precisely why and how I wrote ” A Handful of Seventeenth Hill


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