yifd largeSome said life is about luxuries..

Some said its about experiences…

When I explored my life..

I found that its all about making memories…

When I lived my life, I did not even realize that I was actually making memories. My life started when I was first moved out of the pentown to the royal stay at Ahuja’s. From diamonds to the Ferrari..From White Apple to the Golf games.. I lived them all. I discovered several wonders that man had created.I was as happy as the king of pentown. I was pampered and caressed. I was loved and flattered. If I had everything that could define happiness, then what caused a void within my heart ?

When I wanted to look out for an answer to this, I realized that several new emotions dawned on me. My life took a random turn and I met the flute player. His love for the lady at the lake house became my inspiration. While the lady became my new master, her poetry gave meaning to my life. I felt blessed. From feeling to emotions..happiness to excellence..modesty to excitement.

I lived it all. I discovered the most pure form of love. Her love for the flute player made me fall in love with my master. But, my life had something more to teach me. She left us soon.

 I was loved…… I was valued…… I was inspired…….. !!

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